Take Radical Responsibility for Your Time

July 11, 2019



It’s not at all unusual to feel like time is out of your control.  Maybe you feel that circumstances and other people are in charge of your time – that there’s never enough and you can’t do anything about it.





Your Time Has Value


But what if you could? What if you chose to believe that your time has value?

Most people agree when you say that time is valuable – like in a global sense. Now what if someone were to get specific and say your time has value? How do you feel about that statement? What emotions does it bring up for you?


Your Time is Precious


Perhaps you don’t believe your time is precious.


But it is.


We bring our experience, perspective, creativity and influence to what we do. This is true of every one of us.......we don’t bring hours alone – we bring US.


Your Time Has Impact


The value of your time doesn’t end there.  The value of your time is about the impact you have on those around you.


When you bring all of yourself into a situation, you create an impact. That impact changes shape in different situations, but it’s always positive and it is valuable to others around you.


Your time has value! Your time matters! You matter!









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