Invitation To Reflect.....

June 20, 2019


You have made the decision to embrace change, and you got the tools and motivation to follow through..... you may be wondering..... what about a month from now....three months...a year.....are you clear on how to maintain your success?


As I was thinking about how to write about this topic, I had an interesting thought.....




What about comparing personal change to social change movement components - no worries I am not getting political, just using the analogy ....


There are certain elements that characterize a social movement which are applicable in achieving and maintaining change in your personal life! Two of those elements are commitment and connection.


Just as in social change, personal change requires a long-term commitment to working towards incremental change. It requires consistent self - reflection and understanding of our "Why"! Why is this goal/change important, why is this goal/change a priority...etc....


Solid commitment builds on a deep connection to the "Why"!

And just as any social movement must be able to bring together diverse groups and interests for the common cause if it to build the momentum for change. Positive personal change is best achieved, and maintained, if you are connected to, and supported by, your "tribe".


Surround yourself with people who lift you up and who are supportive of you and your chosen journey. Let go of the 'nay-sayers', gossipers, and those who bring you down.


Connect with people who see the strength in you and act as accountability partners who encourage you to consider that you are not doing what you know you need to be doing if you get off track.


You got this!






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