Your Inner Voice: Your Personal GPS System For Your Life

February 8, 2018



Scientists say we use less than ten percent of our brain. As minute as that sounds, it's enough to run all of our bodily functions from our reflexes to blood circulation to breathing. In addition, it's enough to learn anything from how to read to how we can fly to the moon and back.


We're used to exercising the part of the brain that teaches us rational thinking, however, think it about this:  Imagine if you kept a child from standing up and walking in the first couple of years of her life? Like any unused muscle, atrophy would quickly set in; leg muscles would be underdeveloped; ankles would be weak; spinal vertebrae would be compacted. If you tried to stand the child up at any age thereafter, she would topple over. That's what happens to our intuitive abilities when we don't develop them.


Intuition is receiving information without a rational thinking process. Receptive and communicative qualities are most often associated with women. You've never heard the term "men's intuition", have you? Over the course of history, those once revered feminine qualities have been forgotten or forbidden by the people in charge (mainly men) who were intimidated or threatened by these extraordinary powers. Even in today's more liberal society, these abilities are sometimes lumped into the same category as articles in the supermarket tabloids that would trivialize women and their experiences.


Whether you know or accept it on a conscious level or not, your intuition is constantly at work. It helps you make big decisions in life, warns you of danger, and brings you guidance.

Think of your inner voice as your own personal GPS system for your life. It contains the complete itinerary for your trip here on earth, which your conscious mind (remember that ten percent) quickly forgets after birth. Every once in a while, you tap into that remaining ninety percent and hear your inner voice  saying things like, "Go this way." "Take that job." "Stay away from that man."  This inner voice speaks to you in between the clutter of your day and during your dreams at night to keep you on track with your life plan. Your inner voice is a powerful tool that helps you navigate the winding road of life.


Tune in and listen wisely.


4 Ways To Trust Your Inner Voice


-Keep a notepad and pen by your bed and record your dreams as soon as you wake from them--interpret them in the morning.

-Honor your "hunches" even if your rational mind is singing another tune.

-Meditate on a regular basis.

-Every day, ask your inner voice to help you stay on track with your life plan.




Your Values Matter!

Your Experiences Matter!

YOU Matter!

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