The Invisible Barriers of Negative Internal Dialogue

December 6, 2017


 At times, has it been easy for others to discourage you from following through with a great idea? Or have you discouraged yourself through negative self-talk and self-doubt? Thoughts like " I am not good enough"…..“Who am I to think that this is possible?”……“Compared to other people I fall short”….“People will judge me negatively if I…..”….“What will others think of me…?” “Nobody will care….” These self-doubts created by fear, and often years of conditioning, can turn into barriers that seem too big to overcome. The fatigue created by undervaluing ourselves is stifling our desires, our goals, and cloud our true sense of self even further.


If we allow these barriers to continuously dictate what directions in life we are taking then they become even larger barriers, they become this dis-empowering energy that will keep feeding us with all the unhealthy thoughts of self-doubt just to keep us from moving forward. On top of it all, the amount of time – months…years even – we allow for this to continue, the bigger the challenge of knowing what steps to take to overcome these invisible barriers.


The emotional pain that accompanies these invisible barriers of self-doubt and negative self-talk has taken over our lives for far too long, and the process of creating new experiences for ourselves must begin today!


The work of creating a new inner dialogue which will hold space for a different type of energy within our process of thinking is challenging. We can’t expect an overnight fix for something that has been part of us for so long. However, and this is a huge “however” when we begin our journey with someone who has our back as we work through it all, someone who keeps us motivated and serves as an accountability partner, the breaks to negative self-talk come on and they do not come off!


Over and over I have seen it happening in my coaching practice at Womyn’s Path of Healing. When the journey of creating a new thought process begins, there is an excitement that comes to light! An excitement that brings out the strength, will-power, and resiliency in the women I have the pleasure to work with and it is nothing short of amazing and remarkable!



Our voices, experiences, values, and goals matter!



I invite you to schedule your free Just For You consultation with me!







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