You are in motion.....but are you progressing?

October 23, 2017

Interesting...isn't it?! The concept of reinventing ourselves. What does it even mean?

Does it mean we are always striving to start something new.....whether consciously or unconsciously....?

Or does it mean we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves? And is there even a difference?



And then there is the thought of how other people perceive what we are we appear to be 'all over the place'....? And if we are concerned about how other people perceive our efforts - we have a whole different question at hand: Are we defining ourselves on our own terms or...?


So either way, and back to the notion of reinventing ourselves, we are always moving. We are always in motion. But the essential question is: Are we progressing? 


Reinvention is defined as: "to remake, or make-over, as in a different form..." So how is it different from being in motion ..?


~~In essence, the difference is intent~~


Being in motion could mean anything from being very busy to spinning in circles with the same issues with no end in sight, or it could mean successfully following through with a given task to reach a goal. In contrast, reinventing ourselves requires us to look back at times in order to do some 'house cleaning' ....! It means to look at the habits we carried over from our past into the present that really don't serve us and/or do nothing toward accomplishing our goals - OR - it all looks wonderful and yet there is a stirring within you that you can no longer ignore, a stirring that urges you to strengthen certain aspects of what you are already doing and a prompting to let go of the rest.  


One way or another, reinventing yourself must be done with purpose. It must come from a place of intent. It requires an honest look at what it is you need to change or adjust in order to empower yourself and move forward with what you need to do.


It means to be connected to your calling!


Now, when you reach this moment, you are doing the switch from being in motion to reinventing yourself!







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