Self-Nurturing and Wellness Connection

October 13, 2017

 Self-care and self-nurturing are so vital to our health and absolutely essential for balance and self healing. So often though, when we nurture and care, we extend nurturing and caring to family and loved ones and caring for the “Self” does not receive the same level of attention. This can amount to all sorts of unhealthy pattern one being that it can get us into, or perpetuate an already existing cycle of negative and deprecating thoughts toward ourselves.


We tend to procrastinate adapting healthy and self-nurturing strategies for so many reasons but it all comes down to one underlying dynamic: We don’t appreciate and value our own-self enough - thinking we are somehow undeserving and giving into the faulty, guilt and shame producing notion that if we take care of ourselves and our needs we are being selfish.


“It's not selfish to give TO yourself as much as you give OF yourself” – Suze Orman.


It is time to break free. It is time to establish, and give attention to, a self-care and self-nurturing routine so that you can create an authentic and healthy relationship with the “Self” that is free from biases and self-deprecation.

And by giving to yourself you will be able to give back to others without “burning out” !



“What you love is what you make time for”

--Joseph Campbell



At Womyn's Path of Healing we deeply appreciate and celebrate the wisdom and strengths in each and every woman!