Do you define yourself on your own terms?

August 1, 2017

 A great many times we spend so much time in life looking for approval from others and this endless search for approval often is embedded deeply within ourselves. We put our hopes in the false comfort that if we could get enough people to approve of us, then this discomfort within us that is always trying to figure out who we should or should not be would finally go away.
What is it that is taking place inside of us when there is a consistent longing for acceptance, validation, and approval?  
The root of the matter is that we are buying into the negative self-talk that is forever telling us that we are not good enough as we are. We are buying into the self-inflicted or learned idea that in order to be somebody we should define ourselves by what other people think of us.   
These beliefs into a false statement about ourselves deprive us of our vital energy and the ability to connect with our true authentic self. To stop these negative self talks from happening requires of us to work toward a new reality where we stop believing in all this negative self-talk.

It is a matter of choice and we can make that choice!

We can choose to practice awareness in recognizing when these thoughts are happening and choosing to not buy into this form of self-abuse. In fact, this is the first and most important step: awareness! Take conscious effort and notice your thoughts and when they are happening. Take inventory when those negative self-thoughts are being triggered and then shine the light of awareness upon them. Simply see those thoughts for what they are; fear based untruths that do not belong to you! Believe in yourself and move forward.







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