Today's Affirmation

July 19, 2017

“Today I give myself permission to be at peace with my emotions.”


Emotions control our thinking and behaviour and they also greatly affect our physical bodies. If we ignore or repress our emotions, we are setting ourselves up for unbalanced physical and emotional conditions.

At the same time, emotional reactivity plays into physical and emotional imbalance.

The challenge is to learn to be responsive to situations and events; we can empower ourselves to become responsive as opposed to being reactive.


It is important to be honest about the emotions we are experiencing; in other words – own your emotions and bring them into your conscious awareness.  Take a deep breath and , instead of asking “why” ( why is this happening to me...., why is this person making me feel so...., etc),ask “how” the situation can be re-directed toward a more positive outcome  (or ask “what” can be done). 
“How” and “What” keep you solution focused and responsive. “Why” has the potential to keep you problem focused and reactive.



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