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Why I Coach:


"I coach because I believe in the resilience, courage, and wisdom of every woman.

I coach the way I do because I believe that women can bring to light this resilience, courage, and wisdom.

I believe that every woman has the right, and the capability, to take position as an expert on herself.

I believe in my clients, the inspirational and wise women I have the privilege to work with, and I trust in the coaching process because the outcome of each coaching program throughout so many years

has spoken for itself."















The coaching needs of women are very different to those of men and as a female coach, I fully understand the challenges that may underline a woman’s life and experiences. When we, as women, have learned to distrust our voice we lose confidence in our own judgement and in our own sense of self. As your coach, I will deeply listen to you, and I will help and support you on your path of re-connecting with your authentic self.


It is my goal to support and inspire you on your journey to living your authentic life signified by strength that comes from self-knowledge and empowered action. The nurturing, trauma sensitive, and empowering coaching approach offered at Womyn's Path of Healing will provide you with a unique opportunity to embrace your healing and self-empowerment journey in powerful and effective ways.

My approach to Life Coaching can help you in every aspect of your life, and the sessions are tailored to your goals and needs with your unique personality, values, and life circumstances in mind! This process encourages you to break free from past experiences and psychological attachments that prevent you from moving forward.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you! Let’s go find the parts that have been left behind, the issues and challenges that make you feel stuck, frozen, trapped, and unsafe.



Coaching services at Womyn's Path of Healing are all about getting the results that you want!

If you have had enough trying to keep your head just above water with the 'manipulators', the 'nay-sayers', and the 'gaslighters' in your life .......If you are tired of not being heard, of your voice being ignored - then I am the coach for you!

Your needs, experiences, values, and feelings matter!

"Within the first five minutes of meeting Gabriela, I knew she was just the person I needed to talk to. Gabriela is such a gentle, kind and truly sincere person. Her desire to help others is so genuine. I saw Gabriela for Life Coaching sessions during the summer. I had recently had some major changes in my life and felt I was really struggling to find meaning and direction. With Gabriela's gentle guidance I was able to clearly see the solutions to my issues and see where I have been sabotaging myself. I accomplished more in a few sessions with Gabriela than I have in the last 10 years! I thoroughly  enjoyed every minute of my Life Coaching sessions.If you are struggling in any area of your life, or if you just need direction and guidance, give Gabriela a call. I'm so happy I did! Thank you Gabriela!"

Sharon Beattie, Campbell River

Women-Affirming Life and Emotional Wellness Coaching Services supporting your journey towards-

Anxiety & Stress Management

Building True


Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

Compassion Fatigue Resiliency

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Breaking Free From Negative Life Patterns

Creating Personal Boundaries


Your investment in yourself!

**Single Session
1-hr Coaching Session

- $ 75.00 - at my office or via Skype/Zoom, FB video call or phone. Includes additional email follow-up.

**On-Demand Fast-Track Coaching

90 min session via phone/Zoom/Skype or FB video call only.

-$95.00 - On-demand coaching provides for a quick resource for those times when you need guidance around a specific and immediate situation, as opposed to situations where the core outcome is personal growth and reinvention. On-demand coaching usually involves a one session meeting as opposed to longer engagement (single session and pre-paid program) as required if the desired core outcome pertains to personal growth and reinvention.

On-demand coaching is for immediate situations such as, for examples ;

-something happened at work and you rather not bring the issue "home with you"

-you need to decide how to  handle a challenging situation quickly

- you quickly need to prioritize a list of responsibilities to move forward..etc..


Please note that your on-demand fast-track coaching session is an after-hours coaching service and can only be scheduled via phone. Please call me at 250.203.4195 to schedule your appointment.



**Pre-Paid Program of 6 Sessions

- $325.00 - at my office or via Skype/Zoom/FB video call or phone.

Includes additional email follow-up after each session.



Support after completion of your Life Coaching process: You may email me at any time if you need assistance or can’t wait to share your successes with me. I am with you all

the way!

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. This is an extra and there is no charge for this time!

I offer a full money-back guarantee within 7 days of completing your last coaching session (Single session payment option) or within 15 days of your package purchase, if you feel that expectations as outlined in our coaching agreement have not been met - provided that you have consistently and actively implemented all strategies as agreed upon during our sessions together.

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