Women-Affirming Yogic Life and Emotional Wellness Coach Training

Frequently Asked Questions

1-What sets this training apart from other coach training programs?


*It is first and foremost designed to fit the personal and business needs of wellness providers. This includes each and every student’s discovery on how to implement the new-found coaching skills into their already existing practice and/or offer to coach as a stand-alone service within their existing practice.

*You are receiving one-on-one training! Starting with session 4 in your training we will have other students/graduates join us for your in-class coaching practices.

*The training includes the necessary traditional coaching components but it also includes the tools and strategies that will empower you as a unique coach in your own rights!

*The training will allow you to discover how to implement existing skills and credentials. For example, if you are a yoga therapist, a wellness consultant, a counsellor…etc…you will discover how to add coaching to your 'toolbox' without compromising the integrity of the coaching process (as you journey through this training, you will discover why this is important!).



2-Is this training ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited?

No. I have chosen not to submit this course for accreditation at this point.


Life Coaching is an unregulated industry and membership in the ICF is not mandatory.  However, I think the ICF has a purpose and I think the ICF deserves support. And if it would ever come to a vote in which to decide whether coaching should be a regulated industry I would likely vote 'yes'.


However, I also think that, and this is in harmony with my values and in balance with

experiences based on over 30 years as a coach and wellness provider, ethical and skilled coaches take care to be properly trained and educated, AND hold themselves accountable without compulsion and regardless of association membership.


3-What is your educational life coaching background?


As a starting point, I have over 120 hours of coach specific training and I further my education on an ongoing basis. The purpose of continuing education is to require that certified individuals stay up-to-date of evolving knowledge and skills in a given profession and I am committed to taking continuing education training every year!


In addition to my extensive life coach training, counselor and wellness consultant training, and my work as a women's support group facilitator, yoga teacher, compassion fatigue resiliency educator, and meditation teacher, I bring the healing tools of integrative mental health, trauma-informed mindfulness, and 30 years of experience to Womyn's Path of Healing life coaching services, classes and training.


4-Why the term "Yogic"? What does it have to do with coach training?


The guiding principles of a  "yogic" mindset are those of

Practice, Intention, Awareness, Compassion, and Acceptance.

The Yogic Life & Emotional Wellness Coach training will guide you in the discovery of how to apply these principles in your coaching practice and conversation with your clients.


5-What exactly do you mean by women-affirming coaching?


It is high time to bring about an awareness that the coaching needs of women are very different from those of men because the challenges that may underline women's lives and experiences are often systemic. So discovering how to coach from a strength-based and empowerment based perspective is what we are aiming for in this program.



Before you decide to register for a coach training program,

an important question to ask yourself is whether the training

is in alignment with your values!



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