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"The guiding principles of a  "Yogic" mindset are those of

Practice, Intention, Awareness, Compassion,

and Acceptance.

The Yogic Life & Emotional Wellness Coach training will guide you in the discovery of how to apply these principles in your coaching practice and conversation with your clients".


"I am currently enrolled in “Yogic Life and Emotional Wellness Coach Training” offered through Womyn’s Path of Healing by Gabriela Eikeland. I want to share with how valuable and professional this training is to me in my steps to open my doors to clients seeking my services in Reiki energy healing, and Spiritual wellness coaching!

This training and certification is for all those that are currently practicing as wellness providers who wish to “expand their careers” and also for those just beginning that would love to help their clients, family and friends.  This training teaches you how to integrate all of your skills into an empowering wellness practise.  You will learn how to put your skills into action and offer your unique practise to clients. You will also learn how to communicate clearly, authentically, and compassionately with clients to support them in finding their own answers to moving forward with inspiration in their lives.

I highly recommend Gabriela’s teaching that is comprehensive, powerful, clear, practical, and fun!"

Margaret -  Campbell River, BC

This signature program provides the tools and strategies for complete transformation!


  • Relevant for all dedicated wellness providers 

  • Learn how to truly empower and motivate your clients

  • Learn how to communicate clearly, authentically, and compassionately

  • Learn to effectively integrate your new skills into your already existing wellness practice or as a stand-alone service

  • Discover the healing power of trauma-informed language in a non-therapy environment

  • Discover the art of asking powerful questions to facilitate positive change

  • Learn humble and active listening skills

  • Deepen your understanding of professional ethics and boundaries

  • Learn to coach from a woman-affirming perspective

  • Receive continuous support after graduation!

"Taking the Yogic Life & Emotional Wellness Coach Training has been an incredibly positive and empowering experience.  The program is exactly what I was looking for as I came to a realization that I felt unprepared in certain aspects of my holistic wellness practice – that there was a piece missing that I was struggling to offer my clientele.


I have been practicing in the wellness field for more than a decade and have owned my business for the last 7 years offering a range of services including bodywork, Reiki, yoga instruction etc. Over this time I had come to notice how many clients came to my space with a physical concern – but also a sense of feeling stuck or upset or frustrated with some aspect of their life. I would lend a compassionate voice to their situation and hold a safe, grounded space for them, but it felt like it was only scratching the surface. I felt I could offer more while still honoring the professional boundaries between practitioner and client. Ultimately, I wanted this to come from a sense of authenticity & respect.


Since studying with Gabriela and the other women in our online group, I have had the positive experience of being able to connect with clients on a deeper level, to really hear them, to be able to reflect back to them and see them engaged in their own personal discoveries.  I feel I am able to do this in a way that is genuine, the client feels heard & validated – opening a door to inspiration, motivation, creativity, personal wellness etc. It becomes so much beyond simply repeating cliché phrases that begin to ring hollow or lack sincerity after a time. 


As one of my clients recently said to me after a few moments of reflection, “Thank you, it feels like you really heard what I was trying to say. That really helped me move on with my day”, it really struck to my core that this technique, this approach to coaching, is truly effective in any number of interactions whether it becomes integrated into your regular offerings or as a stand alone service.  In fact, I have even seen the ripple effect into my personal life in moving through difficult circumstances, being a supportive friend, pursuing goals, and building stronger relationships.


I would not hesitate to recommend this program. It has been an absolute honour to include this training with my continuing education pursuits.  Gabriela is an exceptional instructor/facilitator. Knowing when to guide, to support and when to gracefully offer a firm, but caring nudge.  Not only does she bring a high level of expertise and experience to this program, she brings a genuine passion for the program that is clearly felt throughout the course.  This is not one to miss out on!"


Christina Brack CHHP, RST

Port Alberni BC

Throughout your training you are given the opportunity to actively practice, coach, and be coached!

Classes are conducted via live 90+ min conferencing calls.

The Yogic Life & Emotional Wellness Life Coach training and working with Gabriela has truly been an inspiring journey for me.  After searching high and low for several weeks,

I thankfully came across this training and after only moments of speaking with Gabriela,

I knew this was the right fit for me.  So many other trainings had a corporate or generic feel to them.  This was different and perfectly aligned with my work as a wellness provider.


The training was comprehensive and inclusive to all areas of Coaching.  I particularly appreciated the training on trauma informed language and practices when working with clients.  


What I really noticed quite early on is Gabriela’s ability to create an environment that allowed me to open up with ease and fully learn.  It genuinely is a safe space to learn, actively participate and grow as a coaching professional.


I would absolutely recommend this training to others.  Truly life changing in so many ways, personally and professionally.


Thank you,


Tammy Turple

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Certification Requirements

-Attendance, and active participation, in the scheduled online classes.
-Completion of all assignments

-Participation in one of our monthly online coaching 'clinics'
-Completion of 20 documented peer coaching sessions (not including in-class practice coaching) Please note that, starting with the October    program dates, this requirement will increase to 30 hours.
-Completion of a final project



What are some of the specific topics covered in this signature program?

*Distinction of Coaching to Counseling and Therapy in general life coaching and  in the field of wellness coaching

*Importance of client emotional safety


*Importance of confidentiality


*Formulation of client-focused, and mutually agreed upon goals and expectations as applicable in the field of Life and Wellness Coaching


*Unlearning negative habits; tuning in as opposed to turning away.


*The power of Neuroplasticity as pathway toward positive change


*Definition of Trauma (non-therapy approach!) 


*Stress vs Relaxation response


*Breath awareness and Meditation


*Trauma and the body


*What is trauma sensitive/informed language in a non-therapy setting


*Why use trauma sensitive/informed language


*Trauma sensitive language and the coach/client relationship


*Meeting ethical guidelines and establishing the coaching agreement using trauma sensitive language


*What is Mindfulness


*Mindfulness and the client/coach relationship


*Movement as powerful healing tool


*Mindfulness, Trauma sensitive language and body/mind/spirit response


*Creating powerful change through mindfulness and trauma sensitive questioning


*Moving forward honoring our clients;  How do we as coaches stay in the present moment


*Bringing our spoken words into harmony with our body language

*How to create and ask powerful question


*Validating the clients strengths and abilities


*Questions that facilitate awareness and move the client toward new and self-empowering thought pattern


*Change and accountability

*Coaching approach for different personality traits


*Knowing our boundaries as coaches; when to refer clients to another professional if needed.


*Providing clients with resources


*Strategies and marketing as tailored to the individual student's coaching business and/or wellness studio.

The only expert on the client is the client herself!

100% unconditional full money back guarantee within 15 days of your course starting date!



There are three payment option available to you--


Enroll without payment plan at $ 850 minus 20% discount - Full Investment of $680 CAD at time of registration


Pay in 3 Installments: Make your first initial investment of $ 284 CAD. You will be billed  $284 CAD for 2 more months after your initial payment


Pay in 5 Installments: Make your first initial investment of  $170 CAD. You will be billed  $170 CAD for  4 more months after your initial payment.




This powerful signature training program is not suitable for those who don't think that it is high time for coaches to implement a women-affirming approach. It is also not for those who feel that clients 'need to be told what to do', and it is not for those who are not willing to embrace that the only expert on the client is the client herself!



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