Coaching from a Woman’s Perspective in an environment that is women-affirming:
I believe in the resilience, strength, creativity, and resourcefulness of every woman.
As women, we have the ability to rise above our challenges and overcome those challenges.

The coaching needs of women are very different to those of men and as a female coach I fully understand the challenges that
may underline a woman’s life and experiences.
When we, as women, have learned to distrust our voice we loose confidence in our own judgement and in our own sense of
self. As your coach, I will deeply listen to you, and I will help and support you on your path of re-connecting with your authentic

Life Coaching Services for Women:
-Stress Management Coaching
-Personal Development Coaching
Yoga2Life Coaching
-Life Goals Coaching
-Spiritual Coaching
-Bereavement Coaching
-Empowerment Coaching
-Self Confidence Coaching
-Time Management Coaching
-Wellness Coaching

It is my goal to support and inspire you on your journey to living your authentic live signified by strength that comes from self-
knowledge and empowered action.
The nurturing, trauma sensitive, and empowering coaching approach offered at Womyn's Path of
Healing will provide you with a unique opportunity to embrace your healing journey in powerful and effective ways.
Life Coaching can help you in every aspect of your life, and the sessions are tailored to your goals
and needs with your unique personality, values, and life circumstances in mind.

The focus of the Life Coaching services that I provide is that of support and guidance for transforming  
the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals, and to assist you on your journey toward positive change.

Coaching focuses on the present and the future, and a coach focuses on the “Who” as a person; this
means that you discover what you need to do versus the coach giving “expert advice”. This process encourages you to break
free from past experiences and psychological attachments that prevent you from moving forward.
The only expert on you – is you!  You have far more knowledge about your own life than anybody else
ever could, and that is why you provide the answers during life coaching.
Apart from the answers being tailored exactly to your life, another benefit is that you are much more
likely to act on your own suggestions than on somebody else’s.
My training and experience lies in applying highly effective strategies and in asking the right questions at the right time to
help you bring forward all the right answers from your subconscious mind.

I offer all my new clients a free 30 minute consultation session. This meeting gives you an opportunity to meet me and find out
more about my approach.
This consultation session is best described as an opportunity for you to decide if I am the person you
wish to start the coaching process with.

Support Between Life Coaching Sessions:
You may phone email me at any time if you need assistance or can’t wait to share your successes with me.
I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. This is an extra and there is no charge for this time!

Client Testimonials
Please also visit my FAQ page

"Within the first five minutes of meeting Gabriela, I knew she was
just the person I needed to talk to. Gabriela is such a gentle, kind
and truly sincere person. Her desire to help others is so genuine. I
saw Gabriela for Life Coaching sessions during the summer. I had
recently had some major changes in my life and felt I was really
struggling to find meaning and direction. With Gabriela's gentle
guidance I was able to clearly see the solutions to my issues and
see where I have been sabotaging myself. I accomplished more in
a few sessions with Gabriela than I have in the last 10 years! I
thoroughly  enjoyed every minute of my Life Coaching sessions.
If you are struggling in any area of your life, or if you just need
direction and guidance, give Gabriela a call. I'm so happy I did!
Thank you Gabriela!"
Sharon Beattie, Campbell River

I found the Life Coaching session to be a means to find my own
solutions to the issue at hand. What I experienced has become a
powerful tool in my everyday life now. The most powerful thing I
experienced with Life Coaching is not only to hear my Inner
Voice... but to TRUST it as well!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching session with Gabriela!  Her
approach to the session felt very sincere and professional.  With
her help I was able to clearly identify a number of goals I was
having issues with in the growth of my business and how I would
go about achieving them, including overcoming factors that I
perceived as difficulties in pursuing these goals.  At the
conclusion of our session I felt confident in moving forward with
these goals and continue to have a positive attitude towards the
hard (but rewarding!) work ahead of me!"  
-Christina Brack, Pt Alberni, BC

"After telling you about the issue that I want to improve,
you asked a series of questions that drew out ideas of my own. As
well, you regularly confirmed what I had said to make sure that
you understood me correctly.
You never made any assumptions,but rather you helped me
drawing out my own ideas for dealing with my problem.
There may come a new plan down the road but I am satisfied that
this plan is the first step in dealing with my problem."
-B.G, BC

This was such a different, and positive experience! I feel like I
accomplished more in one hour with you than I have over the last
few years trying to figure things out. Thank you!!! J.W. USA

Services provided at Womyn's Path Of Healing do not in any way or form substitute for medical/therapeutic care and attention.
Any and all information shared in classes, workshops, blogs, and sessions are for educational purposes only.

If you have concerns about your health, or if you are uncertain whether services, classes, or workshops provided at Womyn's Path of Healing are right for you please consult with a licensed medical doctor.

Private, 1-hr Coaching Session - $ 65.00

OR: Group Coaching Option
(2 - 6 people - you may book a coaching session for your group
via email or phone) -
$45 per person and session. Package pricing for this option is available up request.
Group coaching is beneficial for clients who prefer a collaborate learning environment where they learn from insights of
others as well as from their own reflections. The lower cost per person for a group coaching session may also be a
contributing factor in choosing this option. As an alternative, participating in one of our Yoga2Life workshops may be an
option for those who prefer the group environment but are unable to schedule a session for a group.

Pre-Paid Package Options:
$285.00 per pre-paid package of 6 private Life Coaching Sessions

Wellness Coaching Package Option (Private Sessions):

~Initial 30 min. Consultation
~Two 1-hour Coaching Sessions
~Two 30 min. Coaching calls
~Clean Eating Plan (2 week plan)

4 Weeks Full Support Stress Management Package (Private Sessions):

~Initial 30 min. Consultation
~ Four 1-hour Coaching Sessions
~Four gentle walks for stress release (I'll be going on the walks with you!) -OR-
-Four 30 min gentle yoga sessions
~One 45-min Reiki Session
~Customized 20 min daily meditation/breathing exercise routines
~Daily support via email
$ 350.00

I offer a full money-back guarantee within 15 days of completing your last coaching session if you feel that expectations
as outlined in our coaching agreement have not been met - provided that you have consistently and actively
implemented all strategies as agreed upon during our sessions together.
Can you recall the last time you
talked with someone about your
health or eating pattern, and
you didn't feel judged or
With me as your Coach and
Natural Health Consultant we
work together to create a
supportive environment that will
allow you to safely express your
concerns and your goals.
I use practical lifestyle coaching
methods to help you explore
which approach works best for
Instead of creating lists of
restrictions, we work together to
help you create a healthier life
in ways that are flexible and
most of all - free of guilt.

For your appointment please
or call

If you are a new client interested in my services but you are unsure
which service is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free of charge
30 min consultation session with me.
I'm not afraid of
for I'm learning to
sail my ship.

~ Louisa May Alcott ~
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